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Barcode Registration

Barcode registration is an additional service that we provide. It is not compulsory (your barcodes will work without registration). All barcodes must come originally from the GS1 system (as ours do) to ensure that they are unique, however there is no country-specific or international requirement for barcodes to be registered.

Although registration is optional, there are some great benefits to getting your barcodes & products registered. If you order barcode registration from our company, we will register your barcode and product details in the major internet databases. This will increase the profile of your product on the internet, and it will mean that your product & company will be linked to your barcode when your barcode is scanned by smart phones.

NOTE – this is a service for barcode numbers that you already own, or are buying from us. This registration service does not include the supply of the barcode numbers – they need to be obtained separately.

You can order registration below:

Register your Barcode Number & Product

Quantity Price per image
1 + $ 10.00 each
5 + $ 9.00 each
10 + $ 8.00 each
20 + $ 7.00 each
30 + $ 6.00 each
50 + $ 5.00 each
email_wysiwyg: You have ordered barcode registration. To register your barcode & product in the major product databases on the internet, please email us a list of the following - <ul>Barcode Number *</ul> <ul>Product Name *</ul> <ul>Subtitle (if any)</ul> <ul>Description</ul> <ul>Brand / Manufacturer *</ul> <ul>Manufacturer Contact (eg website, email, phone)</ul> <ul>Unit Size or colour</ul> <ul>Image URL (URL link to jpg image)</ul> <ul>Price</ul> <ul>Currency</ul> <ul>LinkURL</ul> (* are essential) Note – It is difficult to make changes once a product is registered so we charge an extra fee if you require changes after submitting the information.
product_automation_type: email
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