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These are one-off costs and the barcodes are yours for life, and you can sell an unlimited number of products with them. There are no joining fees or annual fees.

NOTE – for these retail barcode numbers, we don’t need any product information from you. The barcode numbers are purely unique numbers effectively drawn from a large international database & assigned to you. You allocate the numbers to your products. Each retailer then connects that barcode number with your product information and price.

NOTE – some retailers have specific barcode requirements – please check barcode acceptance before purchasing retail barcode numbers.

Retail Barcode Numbers

Instant delivery - You will receive a unique EAN-13 barcode number, barcode images (in 5 formats), barcode registration and a Guarantee Certificate by email within seconds. Note: If you want your barcode in UPC-A format (instead of EAN-13 format), please let us know after making your order and we will email the UPC version to you.

Quantity Price per Barcode
1 $ 39 each
2 $ 36 each
3 $ 34 each
4 $ 32 each
5 + $ 30 each
10 $ 26 each
20 $ 24 each
30 $ 22 each
40 $ 20 each
50 $ 18 each
75 $ 16 each
100 + $ 14 each
150 + Please contact us.
email_wysiwyg: Your barcode number(s) is shown below. In this format (with the leading 0), it is an EAN13 number. It can also be used in 12 digit form without the leading 0 (UPC-A format). Some retailers have systems that prefer numbers without a leading 0. See <a href=""></a> for more details. We recommend that you print your barcode as supplied in EAN13 format, and let retailers decide whether they wish to incorporate the leading 0 or not. We do not need any product information from you (because your barcode will only become connected to your product via your retailer’s inventory system). When a retailer first receives your product, they either scan the barcode or type the number into their system, & also enter your product details, price, reordering info etc. After this, when they scan your barcode, your product information appears on their screen. We have supplied images for you in 5 different formats (jpg, eps, tiff, bmp, & pdf). You can choose the format you prefer & insert the barcode image into the design of your label or packaging. Note the images we have supplied are close to 100% size, but will have slightly different dimensions depending on what software is used for processing them.  Standard EAN13 barcodes are allowed to vary in size from 80% to 200%. The height and width can be varied independently (eg you could choose 80% height and 100% width). For image dimensions please see<a href=""></a> .  Please ensure you leave enough margin (white space) on each side of the barcode. We recommend keeping your barcode as close to 100% size as you can. For good scanning, the barcode width is more important than the height. If you are tight for space, you can reduce the size to 80% (approximately 20mm high x 30mm wide). In practice, the height can be truncated further to say 15mm if needed. (Note - if you do this, the height will be less than the official minimum of 20mm) Your images and guarantee certificate are in a zipped file (.rar) – you will need to use a program like WinZip or WinRAR to open/view them. Winrar can be downloaded from <a title="Win-Rar" href=""></a>.  If you have trouble with this, please email us and we can unzip the images and email them to you. These images have been created for you using automated software. There are some limitations to the quality of the images created this way - so if you are using the pdf or eps images and find you need a better quality image, please email us and we will then create the images manually and email them to you (at no extra cost). To register your barcode & product in the major product databases on the internet, please email us a list of the following - Barcode Number * Product Name * Subtitle (if any) Description Brand / Manufacturer * Manufacturer Contact (eg website, email, phone) Unit Size or colour Image URL (URL link to jpg image) Price Currency LinkURL For further information about using your barcode, please see <a title="Using your barcode" href=""></a> We also have a simple barcode guide in pdf format available <a title="Barcode Buyer Document" href="">here</a>.
product_automation_type: emailbarcodecertificate
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If you want to order barcode registration (for your barcode numbers) please purchase it below. After we receive your order, we will contact you to get the necessary product details, and then we will register your barcode numbers and product details on the major barcode/product databases on the internet.

NOTE – Barcode registration is a service for barcode numbers that you already own, or are buying from us. This registration service does not include the supply of the barcode numbers – they need to be obtained separately.

Register your Barcode Number & Product

Quantity Price per barcode
1 + $ 10.00 each
5 + $ 9.00 each
10 + $ 8.00 each
20 + $ 7.00 each
30 + $ 6.00 each
50 + $ 5.00 each
email_wysiwyg: You have ordered barcode registration. To register your barcode & product in the major product databases on the internet, please email us a list of the following - <ul>Barcode Number *</ul> <ul>Product Name *</ul> <ul>Subtitle (if any)</ul> <ul>Description</ul> <ul>Brand / Manufacturer *</ul> <ul>Manufacturer Contact (eg website, email, phone)</ul> <ul>Unit Size or colour</ul> <ul>Image URL (URL link to jpg image)</ul> <ul>Price</ul> <ul>Currency</ul> <ul>LinkURL</ul> (* are essential) Note – It is difficult to make changes once a product is registered so we charge an extra fee if you require changes after submitting the information.
product_automation_type: email
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ITF-14 Carton Code barcode image

Image for the outside of a carton containing a quantity of your retail product - based on your EAN-13 (or UPC-12) retail barcode number. Artwork in .tif, .bmp, .jpg, .pdf & .eps format.

If you are purchasing an EAN-13 barcode at the same time as an ITF-14 barcode, then just ignore the box below.

NOTE ITF-14 barcodes are for use on cartons for shipping, not for retail sale. If your carton is being sold at retail level, you should use an EAN-13 retail barcode on the carton.

Quantity Price per image
1 $ 20.00
2 $ 17.00 each
3 $ 14.00 each
4 + $ 10.00 each
email_wysiwyg: We will create your ITF-14 carton barcode(s) and email them to you. Please ensure that you have supplied us with either the ITF-14 number(s), or the EAN-13 or UPC numbers that you want us to create the ITF-14 codes for. If we are creating an ITF-14 barcode based on your EAN13 barcode number, we normally add 1 to the front of the EAN13 number and then recalculate the last digit checksum.  
product_automation_type: email
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Barcode Image - for any barcode

Barcode images in the format of your choice (for your barcode number) - eg. EAN-13, UPC-12, ISBN, ISSN, Code 39, Code 128 etc. Also includes 2D barcodes such as QR Codes. Artwork in 5 different formats (.tif, .bmp, .jpg, .pdf & .eps).

Purchase the quantity you want, and let us know what format barcode you want, and what you would like encoded in the barcode.

Quantity Price per image
1 $ 20.00 USD
2 $ 17.00 USD
3 $ 14.00 USD
4 + $ 10.00 USD
10 + $ 5.00   USD
20 + $ 3.00   USD
50 + $ 2.00   USD
email_wysiwyg: Your barcode images and invoice will be emailed through to you soon in 5 different formats (Bitmap, Eps, Tiff, Jpeg & PDF) Please ensure that you have supplied us with your barcode number(s) and the barcode image format/ type that you want
product_automation_type: email
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ISBN / ISSN Barcodes for books and magazines

If you wish to purchase ISBN Book barcodes, please click through here

If you wish to purchase ISSN Magazine barcodes, please click through here

    Barcode Labels

    Do you need barcode labels to stick on to your products? We can provide you with sticky labels with your barcode on them.

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    Barcode Verification

    Verification reports are test scan results of printed barcode images. These barcode test scans are made on very sophisticated verification machines. The reports tell us how easily & accurately the barcode images scan.

    Buy a Verification Report

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