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  • Buy Barcodes – Buy international barcodes here in both UPC-A and EAN-13 formats. All barcodes are sold for a one-off cost.
  • Why should you buy from us? – The reasons to buy from us.
  • Amazon barcodes – Here you can purchase barcodes for Amazon, these are suitable for use on other online stores also (i.e. Itunes).
  • Book and magazine barcodes – Purchase barcodes for books and magazines here – you will first require an ISBN or ISSN number, the details on obtaining these can also be found.
  • CD barcodes – Purchase barcodes for your CD here. These are good for any type of CD, and can be used in physical retail stores, or online.
  • DVD Barcodes – Purchase barcodes for your DVD here. These EAN-13 barcodes are perfect for use on DVD’s
  • Barcode labels – Purchase sticky labels for your product here if the product packaging has already been printed without a barcode or if you are rebarcoding.
  • Barcode prices – This page shows the prices of our various barcode products. This should help give you an idea of your total cost.
  • Products using our barcodes – A small selection of products that are using our barcodes – this does not even come close to covering all of them, but will give you an idea of the range.


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