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Code 128 and Code 39

Code 128 and Code 39 are usually used for purposes such as asset labeling, membership cards, and barcoding library books (within a particular library or library system).

If you need Code 128 or Code 39 digital barcode images, please purchase them below. We will send your images to you by email after we process your orders (in 5 different formats: jpg, eps, tiff, bmp & pdf). You can then put the barcode images onto your asset labels etc (alternatively, you can purchase pre-printed sticky barcode labels from us over on our Sequential Labels page).

Code 128 or Code 39 Barcode Image

Purchase the quantity you want, and then email us the data you want encoded in the barcodes (or enter it into the "additional information" section when paying). We will send the barcode images to you in 5 different formats (jpeg, tiff, pdf, eps, bmp).

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When making your order please let us know the the format you need (Code 128 or Code 39), and the data that should be encoded into barcode images (you can enter this information into the “additional information” section of the payment page (or else send us an email).

The Difference between Code 128 & Code 39:

Code 128 barcodes look like this:

Code 128 barcode image sample


Code 39 barcodes look like this:

Code 39 barcode image sample - Asset Barcodes

The main difference between Code 39 and Code 128 – as you can see from the example images above – is that Code 128 has a much higher data density than Code 39. Therefore, we recommend that you label very small items using a Code 128 barcode. Most scanning machines can read both types of barcodes easily (however some scanners are unable to read barcodes that contains alphabetic letters – therefore it is safest to only use numeric digits, if possible, unless you know that your barcode scanner can cope with alphabetic letters too).

Note: Code 128 and Code 39 should not be used for products that are for sale in retail stores (retail products need EAN barcodes).

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