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QR Codes & other 2D barcodes

Two dimensional Matrix barcodes are becoming increasingly common because they have a range of uses (eg. postal tracking, identifying manufacturing items, or identifying transport tickets).

The “QR Code” (Quick Response Code) is one of the most popular types of 2D barcode. QR Code at is most commonly used to connect a person to a particular website or webpage (ie. when someone scans a QR Code using their mobile phone, the browser in their phone will be directed to a specific website address).

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QR Code (or other 2D Barcode)

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email_wysiwyg: We will create the images for your QR Code(s) and email them to you asap. If you haven’t already supplied this information, please let us know what you want encoded in the QR code. QR codes are usually used on one of two ways 1. They can be used to link directly to a website - so all that is encoded in the QR code is the URL of the website page - and if someone scans the QR code with the right sort of smartphone app, they will be taken directly to that webpage 2. They can be used to include a variety of information - this can include phone numbers, addresses, website details, product or company information etc. If these are scanned with a smartphone app, they will just show all the information - they won't link automatically to the website, but the user can usually view the information encoded in the QR code and click on the website URL manually to go to your website.
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After we receive your order, we will create your high resolution barcode images and email them to you in five different formats (jpeg, eps, bmp, tiff, pdf). If you require a resolution higher than 600dpi (up to 2540dpi), please let us know.

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How to Use QR Codes:

QR Codes can be used for many different purposes, including the following:

- directing people to a particular website
- entertainment & transport ticketing
- product/loyalty marketing
- commercial tracking
- in-store product labeling

When a QR Code is scanned by a smartphone, text or contact information may appear on the screen; a website may open; or the smartphone may connect to a wireless network. QR Codes may appear in magazines, on signs, on buses, on business cards, etc. QR Codes work well when scanned, as long as there is not too much data encoded into them.

Other Types of QR Codes

We are also able to create the following alternative types of 2D Barcodes, if you need them:

- PDF417
- Data Matrix
- MaxiCode
- Aztec Code

If you require one of these other types 2D Matrix codes (instead of a QR Code), please specify this when making your order.

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