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Do you need a barcode number to use on Amazon (or another online store)? You have come to the right place – Amazon has told us that our barcodes are suitable for use on their websites. Many of our customers are using our bar code numbers on Amazon (you can see a few examples see our Products on Amazon page Here.)


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If you are listing your new product (or products) on any of the Amazon Store Websites, Amazon will require you to have what they call a “product identifier” (or GTIN code). This is simply a unique 12 or 13 digit barcode number – either in UPC or EAN format. Product identifiers are used to create new product pages on the Amazon sites. The most common identifier used by sellers is a UPC (12 digit barcode).

To use your barcode number on Amazon, all you need to do is use the “Add a Product” tool on the Amazon websites and add your products one at a time, entering the barcode number into the “product identifier” field when requested. Please note that if the product you are selling already has a Product Page on Amazon, there will already be a product identifier code (a UPC or EAN code) associated with it, so you won’t need to buy a new barcode number for it. However, if you search for a product and don’t find it in Amazon’s catalogue, you will need to create a new product page for that product and enter a new UPC or EAN barcode number on the “Add This Product to Our Catalog” page after finishing the product classification step.

NB: If you are selling a book on Amazon, and your book has an ISBN number, you can use that 13 digit ISBN number as your “product identifier” – you don’t need to buy a separate barcode number.

Do I need to put the barcode images onto my Amazon products?”

If you are storing and shipping your products yourself, you will not need to put the barcode image onto each of your products (the barcode image is only necessary if the barcode needs to be scanned, eg. at a checkout counter). However, if Amazon is storing & shipping your products for you, they do require you to put the barcode images onto your products.

Amazon FBA Barcode Requirements:FBA Amazon Service

If Amazon is storing and distributing your product (via Amazon’s “Fulfillment By Amazon” FBA warehousing services), then you will require the barcode images as well (these are only required if Amazon is managing your product sales/shipping for you, not if you are doing this yourself). If you only require a barcode number, please order the “Amazon Barcode Number” item above. If you require the barcode images (the black bars and white spaces) to print onto your product packaging, then please order a “Barcode Package” instead (as this includes the barcode images) – you can purchase a Barcode Package here.

Essentially, Amazon’s FBA Services require that your products have a unique scannable bar code image (ie. 12 digit UPC or 13 digit EAN barcode) printed on them. This unique scannable bar code image needs to be printed directly onto the product packaging, or else onto a sticky label that has been applied to your product packaging. This is required to enable stock tracking and storage of your products in Amazon fulfillment centers.

You can purchase Amazon barcodes for your products below.

Using your barcode on Amazon:

After you make your order, you will receive (via email) your unique UPC-12 barcode numbers.

After you receive your barcodes, just allocate them to your products & start using them on Amazon.

Amazon will also (at some point) assign their own individual code to your product – this is called an ASIN code (“Amazon Standard Identification Number”) – so your product will end up with two unique codes.

“How many barcodes do I need for Amazon?”

Amazon requires a unique barcode number for each new listing on its website – therefore, you will need a separate barcode for each different listing on Amazon. You can either (a) make a separate listing for each different product variation (eg. colour or size), or (b) make one listing for your product & get your customer to specify their requirements after making their order.

  • Barcode Numbers for Amazon

    UPC-12 barcode numbers suitable for use on Amazon.

    Instant delivery – You will receive your unique UPC-12 barcode numbers for Amazon by email within seconds. The email also contain a PDF certificate of barcode ownership, and instructions for complimentary barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database.

    All prices are in US$

    Quantity Price per Barcode
    1 $ 30 USD
    2 $ 29 USD
    3 $ 28 USD
    4 $ 27 USD
    5 + $ 26 USD
    10 $ 23.50 USD
    20 $ 18 USD
    30 $ 15 USD
    40 $ 13.50 USD
    50 $ 12 USD
    75 $ 10.50 USD
    100+ $ 9 USD
    150 + Please contact us.


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