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How we are different

Legal Registered Barcodes

  • Our Barcodes are verified against illegal use prior to sale
  • Our Barcodes are accepted by more retailers worldwide than those of any other barcode vendor
  • Our Barcodes are registered on the International Barcodes Database.
  • Our Barcodes meet the international retail barcode standards
  • You will be the sole legal owner of your barcodes

The Barcodes are yours for life

  • One-off cost, no ongoing licensing fees
  • We include the barcode number, images a guarantee certificate, and barcode registration.
  • The barcodes are yours for life

You can trust us to deliver

  • Fast response to all enquiries.
  • Exceptional on going customer support
  • Arrival of barcodes straight away, usually within a few minutes, or the following working morning at the latest.

What our customers say

'Many thanks for getting back to me like you said you would. I just hopped on to send you an email to ask you about it and am pleasantly surprised that you beat me to it! It's not often these days that someone actually remembers to keep their word and actually do what they said they would in business. As someone in business myself (albeit only a small business) I appreciate your time, effort and thoughtfulness.'- Linda
  'Thanks for the advice, and for getting back to me so quickly. Its a bit new to me approaching retailers, and Ive only just started looking into the greeting card project, and I appreciate your advice. I'll be in touch.'- Luke
 'Thanks David for being understanding: I get so frustrated with the bloody programmers that write programs and don’t include industry standard formats so you can run a seamless operation. I have sent the company that supplies this software an email and asked that same question. I will try your suggestions and see if I can save the label and bar code into a format the label program accepts. Thanks again.'- Neil H 
'Thanks for much an efficient service. All arrived safely and I believe I have everything I need. Till my next barcode, then! Best wishes and thank you for the personal attention.'- Lyle C - http://www.lylechanmusic.com/ 
'Thank you for the time taken to explain this.  I have had a look at GS1 but found it to be a joke!! in terms of $$$. Considering I only need 4 barcodes at this stage. And with a start up, you need to watch cash wherever you can. After having another look around I found your business which is great help.'- Armin O
'Hi David - thank you for the awesome service levels - we really appreciate it and will continue to recommend your business.'- David O