How to Use Your Barcode

EAN barcode image (retail barcode)

If you order a Barcode Package from our company, we will send it to you via email. You will receive:

a. A unique EAN (or UPC) barcode number;
b. Barcode images (in 5 different formats – jpeg, eps, pdf, tiff & bmp); and
c. A guarantee certificate; and

You can then start using your barcode straight away – just follow the three steps below.

1. First, put the barcode image onto your label or packaging design:

Insert your barcode image (in the format you prefer: jpeg, pdf, tiff, eps & bmp) into the design for your product packaging or label before printing. If you need to, you can resize your barcode image so that it fits nicely on your product label or packaging. The smallest barcode size recommended (for EAN barcodes) is approximately 30mm x 20mm, so try not to make the barcode image too small (see the official barcode dimensions). If you want to change the colour of your barcode please read our Barcode Colours Guide PDF (some colour combinations will work, others are unsuitable). If you are interested in doing some creative design with your barcode image, to reflect your product or brand, you may want to have a look at some barcode art examples.

If you have already got your packaging printed, please order sticky barcode labels (from your number) from our company instead.

2. Next, print your product packaging or label

The second step is to get your labels or packaging printed.

(Note: There are a few retailer companies that have a barcode verification requirement. If your retailers require you to get barcode verification, you can order this from our company & post a copy of your barcode – on its packaging/label – to us. We will get it verified by an independent company & send the verification report to you via email).

3. Finally, give your product to your retailers

To connect your product to your barcode, all you need to do is give the product to your retailers. They may ask you to fill in a form (with your product description, company details, reordering info, barcode number etc). Your retailers will then input your barcode number and product details into their inventory system. After they have done that, your barcode will be connected to your product. If any product details change in the future (eg. the price), all you need to do is inform your retailers – they will then edit this information in their inventory system.

“Many thanks for sending through the barcode number and images …. quickly” Barney

“Thanks for processing this so fast ..what a small world we live in !” Alan C

4. Register your barcode

Barcode registration is optional, but it will increase the profile of your product on the internet. Follow the instructions in our barcode email to register your barcode on the major online barcode databases.


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