Ordering Information


“How do I get a barcode for my product?”

We have several different ordering options available if you need to get a barcode for your product. You can either:

1) Order online from our website and pay by credit card or PayPal;
2) Order over the phone and pay by credit card; or
3) Send us an email if you want to pay by bank deposit; cheque; or Western Union (we will email you a pro forma invoice and payment details)

Note: We do not require any product information from you. When we receive your order, we will send you a unique barcode number. You can then assign that barcode to your product. When your retailers receive your product, they will enter the product details & barcode number into their inventory system (this will connect your barcode to your products). It normally takes us less than 24 hours to process barcode orders.

If you order a barcode package from us, you will receive your barcode by email. The email will contain:

– an EAN-13 barcode number;
– a guarantee certificate; and
– barcode images (in several formats – jpeg, png, svg & pdf))

NOTE:  Our EAN-13 barcodes can be used on any retail product worldwide (although, if your product is a book or magazine, we would advise you to get an ISBN or ISSN number for it instead – see below).

“What else do I need?”

1. Barcode LabelsThese are printed adhesive labels for your barcode number (perfect if your product packaging or label has been printed without the barcode).

2. ITF-14 Carton Codes These are big 14 digit long barcodes that go on the delivery carton for a retail product. Some retailers require Carton Codes, and some don’t (you will need to ask your retailers). Carton Codes are based on the barcode number of the retail product.

3. VerificationVerification is an official test scan of the final printed barcode (on its label or packaging). Some retailers require this (although most don’t) – you will need to check with your retailers.

4. RegistrationRegistration is an optional service that we offer (it is not compulsory, your barcode will work without it). Registration adds your product & barcode details to the major internet databases (and therefore increases the profile of your product on the internet).

 5. ISBN or ISSN Images – These are barcodes for books or magazines (based on their ISBN or ISSN number).

6. QR CodesQR Codes are square-shaped barcodes that connect to a specific website when scanned by a smart-phone. They are useful for promoting a particular company, new product, or special offer.

7. Code 128 or 39These types of barcodes are useful for labelling many different things including assets, membership cards, or library books. If you order these, we will create barcode images for you based on the numbers you want (eg. sequential numbers from 1000 – 1499).

“The ordering process was user friendly. I rang the company first and the receptionist was amazing, friendly, professional and helpful.” Judi

“That’s super stuff. I’ve been recommending yourselves to the other craft beers we are meeting on our journey. Hopefully you will get to sample Baile someday in New Zealand. Thanks again.”

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