Avoid GS1’s Annual Fees

Paying annual membership fees to GS1? Don’t worry there is a viable alternative. We supply globally unique, legal, international barcodes for a one-off cost. get your barcodes from us and we should be able to save you money and make life easier for you.

We regularly have conversations with customers who are fed up with paying hundreds of dollars every year just to be a member of this organisation and have their permission to use one or two barcodes.

These phone calls are often from small businesses that can’t necessarily afford to be paying these fees. We can generally save the customer a decent amount of money in the short term, and do not charge any fees after that, so you keep saving.

Contact us and tell us your situation, and we will do our best to help you save money on barcodes.  We’re here to help – we don’t charge joining fees or annual fees, and we don’t get our lawyers or debt collectors to chase you.


“Simple, easy and convenient thanks I will buy it now” Alfiya A

“Many thanks I’ll be in touch when I need more.  Great easy service!” Steve R

“Wow! Now that was swift service!  Many thanks.” Martin