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Products Using Our Barcodes

Our unique EAN (or UPC) barcode numbers are perfect for use on any retail product worldwide (other than books & magazines because they require ISBN and ISSN numbers). Thousands of our customers use our barcodes in countless retail stores around the world on an enormous range of products.

Some of the amazing products include Sprout sustainable pencils, toys (check out Just Toys International), baby products, music CDs, language CDs, beers, wines and spirits such as Domus Grappa, greeting cards, diaries, souvenirs, key rings, videos, photographs, artwork, vouchers, coupons, books,magazines, software, safety equipment, medical devices, weighing equipment, building supplies, body-care products like Remediis and cleaning products.

Many of our barcodes are also being used on online retail stores such as Amazon and CD Baby. Here are some of the products that are successfully using our barcode numbers on Amazon.

Agro Ind logo logo JustToys monsun Hungary Sprout pencils


Below are some of the Music CDs that are using our barcodes:

CD-examples World Barcodes

Some Magazines & Books that are using our ISSN /ISBN barcode images:

magazine-examples World Barcodes

book-examples World Barcodes


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