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Key Points
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International Barcodes Network
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Other Barcode
Membership Organisations
Standard retail barcode numbers Yes Yes Yes
Barcodes can be used worldwide Yes Yes Yes
No membership forms Yes Yes No
No joining fee Yes Yes No
No annual fees (one-off cost) Yes Yes No
Affordable Yes  Yes  No
Legal Yes Question Mark? Yes
Guaranteed unique numbers Yes Question Mark? Yes
Understand the International market Yes  Question Mark? Yes
Part of International Barcodes Network Yes No No
Can arrange verification reports
(opens the door to more retailers)
Yes No Yes
Can supply Global Location Numbers (GLN’s) Yes No Yes
Check all barcode numbers for illegal use on the internet Yes No No
Manually process all orders to ensure accuracy Yes Question Mark? No
Provide barcode images Yes No No
Custom barcode image size & resolution
(just tell us the image size and resolution
you need – up to 2540dpi)
 Yes  No  No
Supply Unique Company Prefix (for barcodes purchased in multiples of 10, 100 or 1000) Yes No Yes
Fast service Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
Customer commitment Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
Friendly customer service Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
International (More than 120+ countries) Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
Experience (more than 10 years experience with barcodes) Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
Easy to contact Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
Accurate advice (we tell it like it is) Yes Question Mark? Question Mark?
Free registration with all barcode packages Yes No No
Charitable (all profits go to charity) Yes No No
One-stop-shop (We can supply everything required for barcodes (including labels, GLN’s, images and more) Yes No No


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STANDARD Retail Barcode Numbers – We supply EAN-13 barcode numbers (or UPC-12 if you prefer) – these are the standard types of retail barcodes worldwide & they are suitable for any product.

WORLDWIDE – Our barcodes can be used all over the world! We have customers using our barcodes throughout the world – including in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australasia and the Pacific Islands.

NO MEMBERSHIP FORMS – We don’t need them – and you don’t need the extra hassle of filling in forms.

NO JOINING FEE – You’re not joining anything (except you’re welcome to join us for a coffee or a beer if you like).

NO ANNUAL FEES – We sell barcodes for a one-off cost, and the numbers are yours for life. You won’t hear from us again – until you come back to buy some more barcodes, or to tell us how well your product is selling.

AFFORDABLE – Our barcodes are available for an affordable price (to see our prices click here). All prices are a one-off cost – there is NO joining fee, no membership forms to fill in, no annual fees, no setup charges and no ongoing costs or commitments.

LEGAL – The barcode numbers we supply are completely legal. We are a legally registered company in NZ. Search for “Barcodes Limited” and “International Barcodes Limited” us on the NZ Government Companies Office website here.

INTERNATIONAL No matter where you live, we can help you, because we understand the different barcoding requirements around the world. We have a very experienced team that can share their knowledge and offer expert advice.

INTERNATIONAL BARCODES NETWORK – Part of a network of international barcode suppliers. Members focus on supplying barcodes within a specific country, so they are best able to understand the specific barcoding requirements in that country and provide prompt local-language barcoding advice and service. Members have access to resources to help ensure that their barcodes are accepted by more retailers in each country. This means that barcodes purchased from our members are accepted by more retailers internationally than any other barcode reseller. Visit International Barcodes Network here.

VERIFICATION REPORTS – We can offer barcode verification (if you need it). Some retailers require you to get barcode verification. To our knowledge, we are the only barcode reseller able to offer independent accredited verification – therefore our barcodes are accepted by more companies worldwide.

CHECKING OF BARCODE NUMBERS – We check each of our barcode numbers on the internet before selling them (because there is some illegal use of barcode numbers on the internet).

BARCODE IMAGES – We send our customers high resolution customized digital barcode images, in five different formats (jpeg, png, svg & pdf).

FAST SERVICE – Our service is really fast. It usually takes us between 1 – 12 hours to process orders for our customers. We work seven days a week. Let us know if you need your barcodes urgently & we’ll send your barcodes to you ASAP.

CUSTOMER COMMITMENT– We are committed to satisfying our customers. We offer personalized service to our customers – just let us know what your needs are & we’ll work with you to meet them.

FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE – We are a team of friendly, helpful people. We are very happy to answer any question you have – just send us an email or give us a phone call.

CONTACT – You can contact us easily – either by live chat, email, or phone. We enjoy communicating with our customers and helping them.

ACCURATE ADVICE – We will give the truth. If we can’t help you, we will tell you (and we will point you in the right direction so that you can get what you need).

BARCODE REGISTRATIONWe offer a barcode registration service, where your barcode & product can be registered in the key internet databases. This enhances the profile of your product on the internet.

CHARITABLE – Our business is owned by a Charity (Better World Initiative), so ALL profits are used for charitable purposes worldwide. So – if you buy from us, you are helping make the world a better place.

“I’m a happy returning customer looking for my 3rd barcode.” Denise

“Thank you for the barcode number etc. and also for the promptness of reply. Much appreciated.” Kerry M

“Thanks for the fast service Dave, I’ll be in touch in again should I (hopefully) need more!” Adrian