About Us

David Allis, Director

WorldBarcodes is a registered company called Barcodes Limited. Our company is owned by Better World Initiative (a charitable trust), so all of our profits go to charitable purposes. Our company information and Certificate of Incorporation can be viewed on the NZ Companies Office website.

We started this company in 2007 after struggling to find an affordable barcode for a product that we had developed. We were told that we would have to join a large organisation & pay annual membership fees – something we did not want to do! We did a bit of research, and discovered that it was possible to buy barcodes for a one-off price without joining an organisation. Our barcodes are now in use in over 120 countries from Norway to Australia. We enjoy working with our clients to bring their products to market and see their businesses develop and grow. Our clients include multinational household brandnames, startup businesses, graphic designers, marketing specialists, inventory administrators, school librarians.

That is why we decided to start WorldBarcodes (Barcodes Limited)! We wanted to be able to help other small businesses get barcodes quickly & easily, and at an affordable price.

We are here to assist your business. Contact us if you have any questions.

” Thanks for sorting the barcode so quickly, I was really worried as it goes to print on Friday. Lets hope it sells ok. Great dealing with such a professional company. ”  Jenny S – 30/06/2010

The rest of the team:

Moya Cutts