Barcode Verification

Some of the larger retail companies require bar code verification for every product on their shelves. A verification report is simply a test of the barcode image. The barcode is given a grade depending on how easy it is for scanning machines to read it (a pass grade is A, B, C or D).  Verification is usually done on the final printed barcode image (on the product label or packaging).

Our verification reports are done to internationally recognized standards and use the highest quality verification technology. If your retailer requires barcode verification, please order a verification report for your barcode here:

  • Verification Report

    Verification report for your completed artwork or finally printed packaging.

    Price:   US$59

“What do I do next?”

If you have ordered a verification report from us, then the next step is to send us a copy of your barcode image (preferably a physical copy rather than a digital image). Please post the printed barcode (on its label or packaging) to us for verification (see our postal address).

Just over ten percent of the bar codes we get verified for our customers fail testing – therefore, if you are getting your bar code verified, it is important to make sure that your bar code complies with the information listed in the following two links:
1. The official barcode standards
2. How to pass barcode verification

Additional Information About Verification:

A Barcode Verifier

A bar code verifier is different from a barcode scanner. It is a precision machine capable of estimating how easily the bar code will be read by most scanners in retail shops. The verifier machine produces a report which indicates whether or not the barcode is likely to be easily read by scanners.

Barcode scanners vary widely in how accurate they are. In general, the more expensive the barcode scanner, the more accurate it is – therefore, some high quality barcode scanners may be able to accurately read poor quality barcodes even if the barcodes have failed verification.


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