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Barcode Reseller

What is a barcode reseller?

Barcode resellers are companies that buy large amounts of barcode numbers which were initially sold for a one-off cost by the Uniform Code Council (predecessor of GS1-US). It has been proven in court that these numbers can be bought and sold legally. Hence as these numbers have no membership fees or joining fees associated with them, they work out to be much cheaper than other barcode numbers.

Roll Up barcode

Can barcode resellers be trusted?

As with a lot of things, there are some reputable barcode resellers and some that are less than reputable. Look for companies that have a long history in the industry and can provide a chain of evidence showing their ownership of the numbers. If they are easy to contact, then that is a plus. Watch out for companies that offer ridiculous prices for barcodes. These companies often crop up short term but end out closing down due to issues with their barcodes.

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