Barcode Registration

Registration is for people who already have barcode numbers not purchased from us. If you need a barcode please ORDER HERE for EAN barcodes or for UPC barcodes.

Barcode registration is a free additional service that we provide with all barcode packages. It is not compulsory (your barcodes will work without registration), but it helps to increase the intenet profile of your product. All barcodes must come originally from the GS1 system (as ours do) to ensure that they are unique, however there is no country-specific or international requirement for barcodes to be registered.

Although registration is optional, there are some great benefits to getting your barcodes & products registered. We will register your barcode and product details in the major internet databases. This will increase the profile of your product on the internet, and it will mean that your product & company will be linked to your barcode when your barcode is scanned by smart phones. Click here for more information about barcode scanning apps.

If you have not bought barcodes off of us, but would like us to register your barcode anyway, it is a paid service that can be purchased below:

NOTE – this is a service for barcode numbers that you already own, or are buying from us. This registration service does not include the supply of the barcode numbers – they need to be obtained separately.

  • Register your Barcode Number & Product

    If you purchase this item you will be able to register your barcode numbers and product/company details on the International Barcodes Database (information you submit to that database will be fed through to several other barcode databases as well).

    Please put your barcode number (UPC, EAN, ISSN, or ISBN) into the “additional information” section when you proceed to the checkout page. We will then email you to request proof of your barcode ownership. If we are satisfied that you are the legal owner of a legitimate barcode number we will activate it for registration on the International Barcodes Database and give you instructions for how to register it.

    Please note, ‘Barcode Registration’ is included in our EAN and UPC Barcode Packages already. You only need to purchase this item if you obtained your barcode from another company, or if you want to register an ISBN or ISSN number.

    All prices in US$

    Quantity Price per barcode
    1 + $ 20.00 USD each
    5 + $ 18.00 USD each
    10 + $ 16.00 USD each
    20 + $ 14.00 USD each
    30 + $ 12.00 USD each
    50 + $ 10.00 USD each


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“Great service, delighted to see you have added the registration service as this was not available when we first purchased from you several years ago. As we have come back for more you can assume we are happy. Will be back for a few more very soon.Many thanks.” Jeremy