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We started selling barcodes in 2007. Since then we have had many repeat customers.  We offer quality, excellent service and great prices. Order online and receive in 5 minutes with our automated service. Please see our FAQs and contact us if you have any further questions.

Here are some of the barcode products and services available on our website;

  • EAN or UPCs – order and receive in 5 minutes with our automated system.
  • VerificationSome of the larger retail companies require bar code verification for every product on their shelves. Typically this is supermarket chains such as Woolworths and Bunnings. A verification report is simply a test of the barcode image. A verifier grades the barcode image depending on how easy it is for scanning machines to read it (a pass grade is A, B, C or D).
  • Amazon – selling on Amazon and need help?
  • Books – ISBN – for your books. You will first require an ISBN number and we explain how you can get one.
  • Magazine & Newspaper – ISSN – for your newspaper or magazine. You will first require an ISSN number.  We provide full instuctions.
  • CD barcodes – for your CD can be purchased here. These are for use in retail stores or online stores, for tracks or albums.
  • DVD Barcodes – for your DVD can be purchased here. These come with the images for product packaging. Suitable for retail stores or online (i.e. Amazon).
  • Products using our barcodes – this shows a selection of some of our client’s products.
  • Barcodes Registration – on


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