Custom Barcodes

Why customize a Barcode?

Many people like to have custom barcodes in order to make the barcode a ‘better fit’ for their packaging. This may mean making the barcode look like something else or having it grow into something.

What can you customize on a Barcode?

There is a limit to what can be customized on a barcode. You shouldn’t infringe on the part of the barcode that adheres to the EAN-13 specifications, as this can affect the scannability of the barcode. Hence, the majority of barcode customization involves shapes coming out of the barcode rather than the barcode itself actually changing shape.

How to design your custom barcode?

This may be something you can do yourself if you have a reasonable degree of skill as a graphic designer, however, you could also talk to your own graphic designer to see what they can do, or talk to us. We may be able to help you out with some designs.

Who offers customized barcodes?

Again graphic designers may be able to help out, or you contact us. We can outsource this sort of work on your behalf.

Custom Barcodes Examples and Links

Please see below some examples of customized barcodes:

Pack of smokes barcodeStretch Zebra barcodeSleep barcodePizza barcodeUmbrella barcode


Please see our Barcode Artwork page for more examples. Contact us if you have any questions or want to talk about arranging this.

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