Sample Barcode Images

We send barcode images to our customers via email in several different file formats. If you order a barcode package, the barcode images will be emailed in 4 formats  (jpeg, png, svg & pdf).

Please have a look at some of our sample images below (you can download them if you want to – just right click on the links and save the images to your computer).

All of the images are standard barcode size. If some of the images appear blurry, it could be because they don’t work well with your particular graphics software. If possible, we recommend that you use the vector .eps barcode image (because it is the most precise).

If your order is automatic, you will be sent the images in a zip folder together with the guarantee certificate.

Standard EAN Barcode

EAN barcode image (retail barcode)

The above barcode (EAN) is 13 digits long & is the most common type of barcode worldwide (for retail products). In the USA, the 12 digit UPC barcode is preferred – it looks exactly the same as the example above, except that it does not have the first digit”0″ in the number below the bars. If you require a UPC barcode, that’s fine – please email us to let us know.

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Book Barcode (ISBN):

Book Barcode using an ISBN number

The above EAN-13 barcode is created from an ISBN-13 number. If you want to publish your book, you need to apply to the appropriate organisation in your country & get an ISBN number. You can then come to us to purchase the barcode images. We will use your 13 digit ISBN number to create your barcode.


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Book Barcode with Price Code:

ISBN with Pricec Code

Do you want your barcode to have a price code like in the example above? If so, that’s fine – just let us know. Note: The digit “5” is used as a symbol for the dollar sign.

Book Barcode with 5 digit price code supplement Jpeg

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Barcode for Magazine (ISSN):

ISSN sample EAN barcode for magazine

The above barcode is an EAN-13 code based on an ISSN number. If you have a periodical publication (such as a magazine or newspaper), you will need to get an ISSN number from your National ISSN Centre, and then come back to us to purchase your barcode images. We will use your ISSN to create your barcode.

ISSN Magazine Barcode

Barcode for Magazine (with 2-digit supplement):


Some magazines have barcodes with supplements numbers on the end (like in the example above) to represent the different issue numbers. If you want a barcode with supplements on the end (either 2-digits or 5-digits), just let us know after you make your order.

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Carton Code (TUN/ITF-14/GTIN):


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QR Code (2D Matrix Barcode):

QR Code Standard

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