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TSoluciona is a company incorporated under the laws of Puerto Rico with the contribution of personnel with extensive experience in multinational companies acquired in various countries such as Mexico, the US, Latin America and Puerto Rico. 

TSoluciona advises and assists companies in corporate expansion and growth projects as well as adaptation to new cultures.

TSoluciona specializes in Business Development with a focus on Strategic Planning, Marketing, Sales and Distribution.

TSoluciona make things happen: 

We develop your project from A to Z. We take the project as an idea, and we transform it into a strategy that we carry out until we achieve success.


Feasibility Analysis.

You tell us the idea, we work to help you determine the feasibility.

Business Strategy

Once the feasibility of the idea has been determined, we work on the best way to reach the market, generating income and profits.


Execution Plan

We design a joint execution plan and work to make it a reality.

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