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Twin Cities Elite Supplements was created from the need to provide ethically responsible sports nutrition. Through our dedication to creating no-nonsense, cutting-edge, and result-producing products, we believe we have found the bridge to help you add good nutrition to your workout and diet regimen. 


Twin Cities Elite Supplements is a Black-owned and Veteran run company that prides itself on being one of the fastest-growing e-commerce online stores for high-quality dietary supplements and sports nutrition at reasonable prices. After serving 20 years in the military and performing at peak physical levels, we believe good health should not break the bank.


At 30 years old, Sergeant First Class Leonard Sims joined the Minnesota National Guard 2 months before the attacks on September 11th. After that dark day, he had a renewed fire to be the very best he could be. This leads him to become a paratrooper and deploy six times in service to his country. During this time, he recognized the need for clean, affordable nutritional supplementation for the average person.

Twin Cities Elite Supplements is the online store supporting the mission of Twin Cities Elite Fitness’ sports nutrition.

Clean supplements with no sugar and no junk fillers.

We want to help you get Stronger, Faster, and Better.

We will always believe in thinking globally and acting locally.

10% of all sales go to the “Ms Arnise, Twin Cities Elite Fitness Polar Pride Scholarship’, helping inner city seniors attend college. 

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